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I got a wart on my finger from wearing gloves at work is that normal ?

From wearing latex gloves at work I didn’t want to waste them so sometimes they’d get sweaty & noticed I got a wart on my finger. I used Compound W wart remover bandaids before and it went away but now it’s back.

1) is that a normal cause? 2) should I go to the doctors to get it removed this time? 

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    That's not how you got the wart. Warts are the result of contracting human papillomavirus. The wart on your finger is the result of you coming in skin-to-skin contact with someone with human papillomavirus. You had to have touched someone else's wart, which is easier than one might think because sometimes warts are raised and sometimes they're flat. When they're flat, people often don't notice them because it's just a small kind of rough patch of skin, or if they do, they disregard it not knowing that's what it is. 

    Research shows that about one-third of all people have human papillomavirus. It's only infectious when there's an actual wart present, that wart being what's contagious, what spreads it. You probably got it from shaking someone's hand or something like that. It's also possible that you've given it to others if you've touched anyone else's skin with that part of your finger. Human papillomavirus is highly contagious and it only takes a momentary skin-to-skin touch to pass the infection.

    You can you Compound W. That's a pretty long and drawn out process, though. Most people prefer to go to the doctor and just have it frozen off. Plus, if you go to the doctor, you can at the same time get vaccinated for human papillomavirus. A few years ago, they came up with a vaccine. You WANT to get vaccinated for it, too.

    Getting vaccinated for human papillomavirus is highly recommended because getting it on one's genitals (i.e., penis, vagina, cervix, and anus) makes it extremely difficult to eradicate because the skin there is so thin and because getting it there is a leading cause of cancer of each of those. What's more, it leads to deformity of the genitals and people who get it there often spiral into depression because they are extremely contagious and dangerous to have sex with and it often brings about irrational senses of shame and unworthiness, to such extent that people commit suicide from it.

    So just go to the doctor, get it removed, and get vaccinated for human papillomavirus so that you won't get it anymore, especially not on your genitals, because human papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is the most common STD, so by being vaccinated for it, you will protect yourself from contracting it from a future sexual partner, because if you have sex with three people, chances are, one of them has HPV.

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    Gloves dont cause warts. Get proper medical care for sure

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