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Is Sink Water Bad For You?

I been drinking sink water with my new big water bottle so I wont get hydrated but everytime i drink the water I get a upset stomach when it goes down to my stomach other then that is ok. 

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    Tap water is fine, unless there are problems with your municipal water supply or your well water (whatever you have at where you are). What a lot of people don't realize is some bottled waters sold in stores actually come from a municipal water supply somewhere else.


    If your tap water upsets your stomach, it could be due to fluoride or some additive locally. You might try putting a filter on tap or fill a pitcher with a filter with the tap water, and once the water is filtered THEN put it in your bottle to drink and see if that makes a difference. 

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    I have always drank tap water. It could be hard water in your area like alot of places and you need to get a filter to put on your faucet spout. Can get them at hardware or appliance places. Make sure when get one its got "filter" on the package it comes in

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