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When pregnant have you tried plus size shirts?

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    Advantage - you can wear shirt even after the pregnancy is over and not feel "odd" wearing "maternity" clothing.  After the birth of the baby, it can take a little time to drop weight and actually fit back into your original wardrobe and those plus size shirts that are not actually maternity shirts can continue to be used while dropping the weight.

    Disadvantage - depending on exactly how you are gaining your weight, a plus size shirt might be too large in some areas while still tight in the belly area.  It just depends on the size you need to feel comfortable on the belly compared to how it fits at the shoulder and breast area.  

    Personally - I never bought anything that was "maternity" clothing.  Everything I bought or wore during pregnancy was just larger sizes of regular clothes.  But, I am also a larger woman to begin with, so I didn't have problems with the way the shirt fit in the shoulders and breasts.  

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