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help me with anxiety?

So basically for the longest time I have been struggling with anxiety, sometimes at different levels, one are tolerable and sometime they are very hard to get out of. They come diferent situations but what they have in common is they always happen when I am outside of my house. When I am in my house, I am at my calmness but when I go out I feel fearful and always try to hide it in hopes that no one notices it. When I walk I sometimes feel like i am not walking like normal to say like side- to-side. Most of the time I have this urge to just get home and ruin the fun in other people. I get the most and the most overwhelming anxiety when I am standing in line in a open space  especially long lines. My anxiety is mostly through the roof when I go to the bank and wait my turn. Last time I went to the back my anxiety was so bad that I felt my legs click and trembling even though inside I was hoping no one would notice. As you can see this very overwhelming at times and  obviously makes me feel very upset. I'm hoping that someone here can give me advice as I do really need it to move forward.

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    see a therapist or get counseling about this.

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