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Seeking advice: there is this African American neighbor who at first liked to chat with me, but now is asking me to teach him languages?

I’m not a people’s person and I mind my own business and I like ppl to mind their own businesses as well. And I told him that. But maybe I’m too friendly and not assertive so he’s not getting the message. Also he told me he’s ex-cop and veteran, but still works on investigation cases for veterans and so. 

He wants to learn language and likes to interact with ppl. I speak 3 languages but I don’t want to teach.

What should I do or say to him? I don’t wanna come off as a bad person, or suspicious. Remember he’s an ex-cop.


Thanks for ur helpful inputs.

Update 2:

I’m scared of all, if not most ppl. African Americans are known for sex, violence and chaos. Mexicans are known for theft and drugs. other cultures like Arabs: terrorists and religion fanatics. And so on. 

Maybe I shouldn’t be so friendly... hmm?

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    You’re not obligated to do anything but try to be neighborly because you never know who you might need or who might be the one helping you out period. You mentioned his nationality did that matter to you and your decision not to interact with him or was it as you mentioned you like to mind your own business and for others to do the same? He probably only asked because he knew you spoke different languages. Don’t make it a big deal if you’re not interested simply let your No mean No in a friendly respectful way. Keep it simple. 

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    You can tell him that Rosetta Stone is a widely-renowned language-teaching program. You're not a professional language instructor.

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