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Can Joe Biden hang on to some of the key battleground states he's winning in and win the election?

I like Joe Biden's chance of winning the election, but he has to protect his leads in some of the battleground states he's currently winning in like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin. 

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  • hamel5
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    1 month ago
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    I think that he'll hold on to PA , Michigan and Nevada which will put him over the top even if Trump wins Florida,  Wisconsin and Ohio.  If Trump loses Florida or Ohio - it's all over for the fat boy.   

  • Kate
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    1 month ago

    Biden is kicking butt in the polls. Cons like to say "polls don't matter" but when there's a poll with trump ahead by only 1-2%, they're going to show it.

    Biden is winning by double digits in many states. In 2016 Hillary's lead wasn't that dramatic.

  • 1 month ago

    Really? You go right on thinking that.

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