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What can I do to protect myself against retribution?

A set of twins at my school had a party 3 weeks ago.  We are seniors in HS.  This is of course against CDC guidelines due to the pandemic.  I wanted to get these people in trouble, as a form of retribution for bullying they did to me a few years ago.  I don't smoke or drink, but it was a big party, so I didn't look out of place.

I discretely took pictures of people drinking and smoking weed.  I left the party, called police, and met the officers before they broke up the party.  Since the twins are 18, they were both arrested and booked on misdemeanor charges.  Several other people at the party were cited, and their parents were called to get them.  Most of them have been grounded too.  The twins have also been expelled from school since we go to a private school, and they will have to graduate in 2022.

I have no reason to believe anyone suspects me of being the "rat", but, in case someone does find out (i.e. if I'm called to testify at their trial), I need to have a way to protect myself.  I don't deserve to be targeted for doing the right thing.

You are entitled to your opinion that what I did was wrong, but I don't want to hear it.  That's not the point of my question.  I know that what I did was right, and their punishment is deserved.  If my testimony is required to get these guys prosecuted to the fullest, then I will testify.  I want this to haunt them for many years to come.

What I want to know is how can I protect myself if it does get out.


Anonymous - I did not ruin anyone's life.  THEY made the choice, not me.  They knew the law and chose to break it.  This isn't about politics, and I'm not voting for anyone because I am still 17.  I also made it ABUNDANTLY clear that I do NOT want your opinion on whether what I did was right or not.  I know that what I did was right.  And I have plenty of friends, so let's not blame ANY of this on me.

Update 2:

Blank - But I made the RIGHT choice.  What I did was right.  What they did was illegal and wrong.  They deserve to be punished.  I do not.

Update 3:

Maxi - I did not break any rules by going.  There is no law against going to a party.  The CDC guidelines are just that.  Guidelines.  They are not enforceable.  I did not drink or use any illegal drugs the way the others did.  And there's no "IF" here.  It's true.  It happened.

Update 4:

Little Princess and Mark - I did not have malicious intent.  They were behaving idiotically because they were violating guidelines AND breaking the law by having drugs and alcohol.  If they did not want to get caught, they should not have broken the law.  My intent for doing what I did is perfectly justified.  They should not have bullied me earlier.  They knew better, yet they still chose to bully me.

Update 5:

Thank you, common sense.  Your moniker is apt.  I hope you are right about my not having to testify, and glad you understand why I did what I did, and that I have the law on my side.

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    I doubt you will have to testify.

    The police showed up and saw what was going on for themselves. They are the eye witnesses.

    It may be debatable if what you did was wrong or not. But pay back is a batch and those bullies deserved what happened to them.

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    Probably not all that much to be honest.

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    Your motivation is the problem. If you wanted them to stop holding a party for sound reasons (like a pandemic) then fine, they were behaving idioticly and deserve it.

    Problem is you did this for petty vengence and deserve to be called out on it. You seem to lack the ability to see why this is bad.

    As far as your identity, you are probably fine, there would be no need to call you as a witness as the cops have all the evidence they need.

    You really had no need to meet the cops before hand, or even tell them your name, so any blowback is due to your own negligence in executing your revenge.

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    Deserving of punishment is something determined by someone other than you. You went into this matter with the a malicious intent. You didn't go there with the idea of helping to protect their health a prevent the spread of covid. You went there with the intention of getting them punished. That means you can't come out of this with a clear conscience.

    Happiness and a positive self image will follow if you start to live your life righteously. Living your life of spite will leave your life empty.

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    'IF' true..then you also broke the rules by going!

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    Going to follow your rules and refrain from any "judgement" of your actions.

    That said, the answer to your question is embedded in your update.

    "THEY made the choice, not me."

    YOU made your choice too.  And, like them, will have to face whatever consequences come from the choice(s) you made.  

    In for a dime, in for a dollar my friend.  Sometimes you just have to take 100% ownership for your choices.

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    3 months ago

    Wow way to go to completely ruin peoples lives.  There is no help for you.  Gee what a nice person you are.  I bet that you are going to vote for Biden to.

    Since that party likes to have the whole victim.  And you wonder why you have no friends. 

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