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I am new to having a fish aquarium. My platies suddenly give birth to 12 fries, what should i do?

My platies gave birth to 2 fries before. One every 3 weeks. Yesterday, i kept having a new fry every 2 hours up to 12 fries. I have 70 liter tank and have 10 adult fishes (3 platies. 3 mollies. 4 cherry barbs). Plus the 2 bigger fries. I put the fries in a small hanging box inside the tank so they dont get eaten. But if they grew to big fishes, i m not sure if the tank will be enough to all of them. Plus the adult platies may continue breeding. Any advice about what is right to do in this case?

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    noselessman and I having been giving advise for years, but his is usually spot on and mine is more geared to what I have my tank at any given time. 

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    You will need a larger tank, or you need to give away or sell some of the fish.

    The tank was overstocked before you even had fry. the mollies need a tank that is at least twice the size of yours. 113 liters at least.  If you got that size tank, you could move all the adult fish and use the smaller tank as a grow out tank.   

    Also, if you had a larger tank you should double the amount of cherry barbs, they need to be in a school, and the larger the school the better, especially with cherry barbs as they are easily stressed.

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    You can sell the females and keep the males or vise versa to keep them from breeding. Keep in mind the females might already be pregnant so if you get rid of the males they could still have more babies. 

    You can start selling the fish. 

    You can keep the fry with the adults so they get eaten to keep numbers down. You will still have to start selling but you won't have to worry about selling as many. 

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