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If I use anti-depressants,am I trying to avoid pain unnaturally and trying to escape life's realities?

Due to some incidents,I'm very stressed and anxious.My therapist has prescribed anti-depressants for me after talking to me for an hour.Is this an unnatural way to escape life's problems and numb myself to reality?

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    In some circumstances, anti-depressants are the best option for a while. If you break your leg, you take painkillers. Anti-depressants are pain killers for the mind. There is nothing wrong with taking then if you have to. 

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    It is very unnatural.  There is an old saying.... Behind every pain is beauty.

    If you just take these pills nothing ever changes.  You get addicted to the pills, get other pills for the symptoms of the first pills and make doctors and pharmaceuticals rich (really). In order to fight it or change it/learn to manage it.  It is not fun (it hurts).  But once you learn....  "Behind every pain is beauty".  Get it.  

    The doctor just wants reasons for you to come back to the office "praise god and pass the pills".  Look into SSRIs they are very dangerous.  There are many holistic ways to help yourself.

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    Anti depressants are bad for you. But beer is good for you. So drink beer! If that doesn't work, drink more beer!!!!!!!!!!

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