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It’s Been 15 days since a cat bit me on my hand and I’m pretty sure the cat is still alive am I safe from rabies ?

It was some lady’s pet that my grandma was taking care of a old cat she’s also deaf and dosent really go outside 

2 Answers

  • You may have a point. Go to the vet immediately. Was the cat mad when it bit you? Was it an accident? When it bit you did blood ooze out? Hope the cat had an owner. If it was vaccinated against rabies, then there is no risk ( When a cat gets vaccinated against rabies, it takes about a week to activate )

    But if you got antibiotics, no problem!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Did you go to the doctor for antibiotics? You should have.

    If it's been 15 days and it's still alive, the cat wasn't rabid when it bit you.

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