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If North America was Britain🇬🇧, would the USA be England, Quebec be Scotland, and (English) Canada be Wales?

The USA is England; proud, conservative, hard working, friendly, rich, the powerhouse of the country/continent. Canada is Wales; lazy, poor, self loathing, undignified, dim, pretend to hate their neighbors but deep down love them dearly and will defend them at any cost. Quebec is Scotland; also lazy, far left, nationalistic in the sense of hating their neighbors (and really mean it) but prefer third world foreigners, dirt poor, speak funny, hated by Canadians and Americans both (like how Scotland is hated by England and Wales).

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    Duh!  Nova Scotia  (which means "New Scotland") would be Scotland.

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    I think your comments re Canada is insulting. I'm a proud Canadian. We are not lazy, poor, self-loathing, undignified or any other adjective you use to describe us.

    Take a look in your own backyard before you point fingers at others.

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    is black the new orange or something stupid like that in your world?

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    Try and write a coherent question?

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