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No period but we used condoms and I am negative for a pregnancy test ?

So i was on the pill for years and I got off it around like july and i had sex early sept and my period never came that month nor this month. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I used a condom too but its bugging me how my period isn't coming. my periods were coming before and now it stopped. I have no pregnancy symptoms either. 


Just wanted to ask if it’s still possible to be pregnant since i tested myself 2 months later. 

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    You need to see an ob/gyn.  It is very common for women to have irregular periods after stopping hormonal birth control.  It is very unlikely you'd get pregnant from having protected sex.  Condoms are 98% effective even during a woman's ovulation window.  

    A lot of things are possible but not very probable.  It isn't likely that you are pregnant.  Feel free to test again.  The issue here is that your cycle is missing and your are stress out.  That is when you need to see a doctor to get a check up and make sure there isn't something else going on as well as get reassurance about being pregnant.  

    You also might want to discuss other birth control options if you are not trying to conceive. 

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    ...and since you didn't bother to actually ask a question, have a nice day.

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