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Why does my friend get offended on me requesting her to resolve her issues?

I've been hearing some nasty things about my female friend that She has not been treating our common friends well, and I feel hurt because I respected her as She was the leader of our group.

I requested her to resolve those issues as there might be some misunderstandings that must be cleared first so that we can be at ease with each other. However, She gets mad every time, I mention that, Yet won't stop creating the group chat despite knowing no one is comfortable on group at all.

Why does She get offended? And if she feels those issues can not be resolved, why does she create group chat?

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    If she hasn't been treating your common friends well, that's her problem.  I'm not sure why you have such an urge to control her behavior?  That's hilarious.  People don't change anything unless they want to.

    And if she starts a chat and the other friends are dumb enough to join her chat, oh well.  

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    I think you're seeing problems where none exist. If she's not treating people well, they have the option of not participating in a group chat. They don't need you to straighten her out, they are fine. You are trying to act like her parent. She already has parents, I'll bet. 

    If you don't respect the leader of your group (I didn't realize friendship groups had leaders, BTW) move on to another group. The other people who you claim are uncomfortable will do the same.  

    In any group, it's common to like some people better than we like others. It doesn't disrupt the group, it's just one of the things adults deal with without complaining about it. I don't like my friend's husband. Nothing happens. She's not going to leave him, I'm not going to stop seeing them, we're not going to discuss why I don't like him and there's nothing to resolve. 

    Here's something you CAN do: stop participating in gossip. If Sally doesn't like the way Lucy treats her, she's a grownup and can talk to Lucy about it. Playing peacemaker is counterproductive. You're facilitating gossip, and you are in a very real way, doing for other people that which they should do, or should be learning to do for themselves. Why infantilize your peers? It's condescending, really.

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    Her issues are hers. Let her deal with it, not you. Stay out of it, dont like her or the group, go find a new friend or group. MYOB.

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    You are offending her that's why, you call her the leader and then immediately tell her what to do. Dumb.

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