Can someone name the title of this fighting/action film?

When I was a kid I saw this fighting film (I believe it’s from the 90s). 

     There was a real intense scene in it. A young boy who looked about 13-years-old witnesses a very disturbing fight match at an arena. The fight takes place in a huge see-through glass box. A man with a beard fights this huge, strong, muscular man and he’s super intimidating and violent. A lot of audience members in tuxedos cheer the big strong man on. He’s super brutal towards the smaller man, beats him until blood hits the glass wall, and the boy watches as the big man breaks the man’s neck. He runs to his dad in horror (I believe it’s his dad) and tells him about the brutal match and how the huge guy broke the other man’s neck. 

     It’s a very intense and violent fight scene and that’s pretty much the only scene I saw. But there’s another scene later on where the big string man is in a tuxedo. 

     Anyone know the name of the movie? 


The big strong guy, the opponent, and the little boy are all white, by the way 

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