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My dad died and I don’t feel anything. ?

It was sudden and unexpected. And quick. I saw him there while they almost lost him n he was guppy breathing, I went and identified him, I check on him and stayed with him for the final moments. But all this isn’t real to me. I barley, barley cry. I’m really upset and I miss him already but my mind is just skipping over all this I have to remind myself to think about it. When my grandmother died I was immediately devastated. The world felt like hell. For this in contrast I’m devoid of feeling. Maybe I’m just stressed and preoccupied with planning and costs and picking up the bills and all this. When will this set in and will it be manageable? This is so surreal. He was 62 🤬


We were very close, tight knit. Me and my twin were living with him and will be staying in the house till we know what’s happening. Do I need an estate attorney? How do I get the ball rolling to get into probate? Can I request I be named executor (the family agrees It should be me, I’m the only one with experience settling things and they trust me and know I’d never **** around And it’d be easier for me because I was living with him) Should I also have a financial advisor now?

Update 2:

There’s no will. That’s why I asked how to get the ball rollinf 

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  • Audrey
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    1 month ago

    You are probably still in shock. It will hit you later. Don't worry about how you feel right now. Everyone reacts differently to death. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You need to find his Will - contact his attorney if you can't find a copy. 

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