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Night owl wants to be early bird?

I am middle aged and I will start a new job requiring me to get up before 5:00 AM. I am planning to use melatonin and avoid coffee after 1:00 PM. But I have been a night owl for decades. Do you have any advice? I appreciate your thoughtful responses. 

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    It'll simply take you some time to adapt. Once your body gets used to the new schedule, you shouldn't need any supplements or boosts to help you get up early.


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    I wouldn't rely on melatonin but instead let your body adapt normally which of course will be a bumpy road at first(Think jet lag.). I also love to cook so I will either have a pastry or breakfast ingredients ready to cook and my $200+ coffee maker will have its timer set so my coffee will be ready as well. The smell of the coffee and the thoughts of good food dancing in my head wakes me up in a good mood. The complex carbohydrates and caffeine I consume will give my energy reserves a boost and then it's off to the showers and time to get ready. You can either have a good day or make yourself a good day and imo melatonin would be an unnecessary crutch.  

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