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What will happen to Daryl and Carrol at the end of The Walking Dead?

So I hear that TWD will be ending soon, either next year, or in 2022, I cannot remember which. And I understand these two characters are gonna have their own spin-off series.

But what do you think will happen to them in the final episode? Will they finally get together, as has been hinted at throughout the years, that their relationship is more than platonic?

What do you think will happen? 


How do you think the events of the final episode will affect them? Do you think it will be similar to how the events of the final episode of MASH affected it's main characters, where they were dramatically different people afterwards?

Will they see Rick Grimes one final time, who I understand is rumored to be returning, if not for the whole final season at least for the final episode?

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    I don't think they've said what the actual scenario will be.  Probably this is because it will depend on how the show ends.  But Norman Reedus recently said that they've been talking about this for a couple of years.  I believe he approached them with the idea of a spin off and they were already thinking about something like that and Melissa McBride liked the idea too so they began brainstorming some ideas.  He said that originally he had thought that they'd get spun off while the original show was still going. 

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