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If we end the fossil fuel industry in the US?

Biden said many times he wants to end the fossil fuel industry for climate change. But what difference will that make if other countries just take over the pollution for the oil industry. All that’s going to do is destroy the US economy and make Russia, China, and the Middle East more dominant. And those countries will just pollute anyway. 

I know thinking isn’t something liberals are good at but come on man.

Look, I don’t like Trump either, Trump is big government socialism.

But what the hell are Biden and Harris, there hasn’t been a name for their agenda because no ones ever been that stupid before.

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    The transition isn't/won't/can't be overnight. It will be decades in the making. And it will be a transition to alternative forms of fuel/transportation/energy production. So there isn't a loss in functionality, but perhaps a slow down in development. But that's a reasonable price to pay to secure a future. 

    As for other nations, the US is one of the slowest to adopt or engage in transitioning. From preservation of your economy to general resistance as a national psychology. 

    Many other nations, including China, have already pledged to go carbon neutral by a specific date, it's just the US that hasn't yet. As for Russia, I can't comment, they aren't big team players and unfortunately that may not change for a while. But whatever stance the US takes, Russia will mirror anyway. So we can and should do what we can in the hope that the remaining nations follow suit. 

    As 'leaders of the free world', the US should lead and page the way to our future that doesn't involve inevitable conflict over dwindling space and resources. If we we want to maintain any sort of normality to our world and our lives, these are the sort of changes we need to make now. Change has to happen, the sooner wile start the easier it'll be. If the US monopolises the development of the technologies necessary, then you would still be a leading economy. You already have the foundation to do so, where other countries cannot yet. Utilise that and lead the world to a better tomorrow. It takes us to think like that to do it! 

    Mitigating these sorts of pressures will reduce conflict and improve international collaboration (hopefully). Which itself mitigates the need for international competition. We are all one species, we need to act like it. 

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    It will be phased out and replaced with something better

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