lying to boyfriend pls help ;( i don't want to lose him ?

so i am not going to go into 100% detail but i have had to keep a secret from my best friend for a month now because my boyfriend asked me to. My best friend pulled it out of me and i confessed tonight. My friendship with my best friend isn't ruined because he is happy i told him but my relationship with my boyfriend is in jeopardy. Quick summary: Ashton(best friend) Blake(boyfriend) Connor( other dude but our friend). Basically ashton started dating this girl and they broke up but Ashton was afraid of Connor dating the girl we will call her Macy. Anyways they break up and Connor and Macy start dating in secret i wasn't aware of this for the whole month they have been dating until my Blake told me recently. I was sworn to secrecy and was told that Connor will tell Ashton ( they are also good close friends). Connor and Macy broke up after a month. Now i am scared that Ashton will spill everything and confess the fact i told him accidentally and my relationship will end. This secret will really tear us apart because it is based on trust and i couldn't keep it to myself knowing that Connor would tell ashton eventually. I feel really bad and guilty but at the same time im afraid of losing Blake. Can someone give me advice on what to do ? im really scared and i feel horrible. 

Thanks pls respond asap ! 

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  • donnie
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    1 month ago

    See previous answer 

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