Do you find that if you dive into the details, you sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture?

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    1 month ago
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    Not too long ago, I got in a conversation with a writer who makes at least part of his living writing about feminism and other social justice issues online. He is not a woman, but he writes about feminism. He is white, but he writes about racism. In and of itself, it’s a concept that doesn’t bother me enormously. It’s up to all of us to some extent to spread the word about injustices, to correct our own behavior, and to work on making our social circles more human and conscious. I’ve written about feminism on multiple occasions, though usually in a more general sense than about individual news stories. And I’ve written once or twice about racism, despite the fact that I am undeniably white. (My general rules are to stay as positive as possible, to offer solutions, and to not pander to what I imagine people want to hear. That said, I still write about these things.) So his is a profession that, at the end of the day, I can’t take too much issue with.

    And it’s also important to note that “internet activism” is important, and serves a huge role in enlightening and connecting millions of people to the various injustices they commit or suffer themselves. Before I started writing online, I ****-shamed. I engaged in a lot of girl hate. I thought feminism was a pointless, outdated social movement. I made comments that were incredibly ill-informed and frankly cringeworthy about white privilege. I was a completely different person, and will be forever indebted to the countless people online who helped me learn about myself and the place I hold in the world. Thanks to them, my own life experience and the way I treat the world around me have both improved beyond measure.

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