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Do I really need a therapist? ?

I’ve been having anxiety for so many years now but a year ago I started hating it and started feeling everything a 100% more ( since a problem in my university) I over think everything and i’m always stressed and uptight and I always have “ that bad feeling  “ ( I had to get a B in a subject in order to raise my gpa so i don’t get suspended from university and my parents are pressuring me and they think i’m a failure but i do too because it’s my fault from the beginning that my gpa is under 2.0 because i didn’t work hard but for only one semester and since then i’ve been trying my best but all my plans fail and i can’t control anything 

 2 or 3 months ago I started crying all the time and i’m always sad and i hate going out now i don’t want to do anything except staying home and i get really sad that I can’t handle kt anymore or fight it 

My back doctor recommended a therapist but didn’t like her so i changed to another one and his words helped me so much and he said I had anxiety and depression But he told me i have to take medication and i honestly didn’t ( bec i got scared)

Am i exaggerating ? 

Is it bec i have a lot of free time like everyone’s telling me ? 

Do i even need to go to a doctor or this is a trivial rhing and i’m being a drama queen? 

Bec my bf and my mom thinks I shouldn’t go and i’m starting to think i don’t and i have nothing and the doc is just saying that so i could go again and again 

And i’m starting to think they are right 

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    It really does sound as though you are having significant mental health issues and should be seeing a therapist.  And why are you objecting to medication that could help you with these problems?  Many people take it.

    It's NOT up to your boyfriend and mother to decide.  It's up to you and you alone.

    Come on, you were crying all the time, always sad, you didn't want to do anything: you were non-functional. It's clear you are suffering from clinical depression, which is often accompanied by anxiety. And you don't think you need help?

    I suggest that you stick with it for a few months. Try the medication. Then you can make a decision about whether you want to continue.

    But if you'd prefer to live life in a depression, don't bother.

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    Hey, Friend. It sounds like you are under a lot of pressure at the moment. Different people will tell you different things, and in the end, you have to make up your own mind. Having said that, you have nothing to lose from getting professional advice from a therapist. If it helps you, you win, and if it doesn't help you, you lose nothing. Good luck to you! x

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