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how can i put spikes on heels?

I want to make some goth-y high heels and i want to know how to put the spikes on the "platform"(?) part. Can i just put the spikes on with superglue? what will make them stick on the most? is there a specific type of spike for this stuff? (there should be a picture below of an example of what i kinda want to do) Sorry if this is a dumb question, im new to DIY!

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    These spikes and studs are usually set with metal prongs that pierce the leather and prongs on the back fold over to secure the stud. You can also get metal backed rivet type studs. The ones on heels are nailheads and tacked into the heel. You can buy nailheads and studs to DIY your own shoes at home. There are glue on studs which use a glue similar to super glue, there are spikes with nails on the underside and more. Be very careful when nailing into a heel. You don't want to smash the heel component under the leather. It's actually a very popular at-home fashion DIY project. If you look up his to attach studs and nailheads to shoes and boots you'll find plenty of videos, tutorials , supply lists and where to buy everything you need. This is just one example: there are hundreds more. Read through as many as possible and you'll soon find how to get those over a 1000$ shoes for only a hundred dollars worth of tools and supplies.

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    Take the heels you wish to have spiked to a cobbler, and i am sure they will be able to do it for you, at a reasonable price.

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