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Math Word Problem?

Mackenzie is a camp coordinator and is assembling first aid kits. If she has 6 bandages and 10 alcohol swabs then how many first aid kits can she make without having any leftover materials, and each first aid kit being the same? 

This is the first math problem on a test for my sister. No other information was provided. She’s in sixth grade. 

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    This wants you to find the greatest common factor.

    between 6 and 10, the greatest common factor is 2.

    So she can make 2 identical first aid kits consisting of 3 bandages and 5 swabs each.

    For example, if there were 12 swabs, then the GCF is 6 so she could make 6 kits consisting of 1 banage and 2 swabs each.

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    6 bandages = 2 • 3 bandages

    10 swabs = 2 • 5 swabs

    The greatest common factor of 6 and 10 is 2. Therefore, Mackenzie can make a maximum of 2 identical first aid kits without any leftover materials.

    The two kits will each contain 3 bandages and 5 swabs.

    Ans: 2 kits

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    First, if she wants, she can make one kit with six bandages and 10 alcohol swabs.

    2 x 3 = 6

    2 x 5 = 10

    If the ratio is 6 to 10, it can be expressed as (2 x 3) to (2 x 5), so I speculate that she can make two kits, each with three bandages and five alcohol swabs.

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