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Why do Christians forgive people so easy?

I mean, you're pretty silly to do so. You will preyed on constantly by the same people who hurt you

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    The asking of forgiveness must be genuine. A person that repeats the same offense, shows themselves to be insincere. God requires a person actually change, if they have their mind set against what they have done. For example, when the woman caught in adultery was brought before Jesus, He did forgive her, but He did not give her a license to go and sin, but said Go and sin no more. His mercy gave her the opportunity to change her ways. If we are honest, we know that we all need forgiveness for something, as we fail ourselves and each other plenty. And that is what Jesus pointed out to those who brought the woman before Him, that they too were sinners. He did not say that she did not deserve punishment, but merely pointed out that they were all in the same boat with her.

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    Forgiveness is an act of love. 

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    You think that only because you've confused forgiveness with reconciliation.  One does not necessitate the other. For instance, If I ran a clothing store and found that the cashier was stealing money, I may certainly forgive her. That means I don't bring it up and  I let go of my anger. However she isn't keeping her job. Not because I harbor any anger. I may very well like this person, but  they've proven themselves to be untrustworthy in a big way.

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    They don't ..

    They hate non-christers as much as mooslims hate non-mooslims


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