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Cereal for breakfast, coconut milk protein drink this afternoon, pizza for dinner.  If I have cereal tonight, will that be too much dairy?

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    Cereal isn't dairy. Coconut milk isn't dairy. You were not clear at all on how much dairy you plan to consume. How much dairy milk ON your cereal? How much dairy cheese ON your pizza (the pizza you ate)? 


    The RDA for dairy is 2 - 3 cups/day, depending on whether you are male or female, and your age. See link for more info on that and what counts as a 'cup' of dairy (it's not always an actual 8 oz measuring cup).

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    Breakfast depends on what you had with it, did you have anmal milk or sooya.cocunut etc?

    Afternoon coconut milk is not dairy, are you stupid?

    Pizza how much cheese? what was the toping, size, how many slices?

    The only reason to worry about dairy would be if you were lactose intolerant, if you are lactose intolerant the pizza would probably have you shifting half your body weight and you would know its too much without asking.

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    Dairy is only an issue if it corn-fed or you have another sensitivity. 

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    Coconut milk is not dairy.  Dairy comes from animals.

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