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In the last few months we've seen Joe Biden forget who he's running against, which office he's running for, which state he's in, who his ?

wife is, and how many people live in the U.S. He's mentally shot so how stupid do you have to be to vote for him?

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  • Mandy
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    1 month ago

    I admit, Trump has never forgotten to lie.  He even lied that he challenged Leslie Stahl to “bring it on” “and let’s see what you’ve got” when he complained about getting tough questions and then walked out a few minutes later like a little b****.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yeah, Biden didn't forget who he's running against.  That viral clip which has been going around conservative social media has him saying "George" not because he thought he was running against George W Bush, but because he was talking to comedian George Lopez, who was interviewing him as part of a virtual event to try and get Latinos to vote.  The other things are simply slips of the tongue (or a hectic campaign schedule).

    The big problem with this argument, however, is that Trump is so so much worse on this front.  For example, when Trump tweeted something about Biden supposedly galling him George, a lot of people reminded him that he had once referred to Apple Computers CEO Tim Cook as "Tim Apple".  Trump also recently referred, multiple times, to Matt Gaetz, one of his most sycophantic supporters in Congress, as "Rick Gates", a former staffer of his (Trump, who was at an event in Florida, may have been combing Gaetz' name with that of Rick Scott, the junior Senator from Florida).  Trump has also taken to talking about hypersonic missiles that the US has developed recently, but keeps calling them "hydrosonic" missiles (Hydrosonic is a brand of electric toothbrush).  And that's in just the last week.    His sloppy speech, and mangling of simple words, is so common that late night host Jimmy Fallon had a regular segment on his show where he'd ask audience members to guess how Trump would mispronounce basic words.  Trump also routinely screws up the names of people and places, and often seems to forget where he is and what he's doing.  There was the time, for example, where he said that a mass shooting that had occurred in Dayton Ohio actually took place in Toledo.  There was the time he was touring Paradise, California after it was ravaged by a fire, and kept referring to it as "pleasure" even after being corrected by others.  There was the time he falsely claimed that his father, who was born in New York, had been born in Germany.  There was the time he talked about his son Barron as "the First Lady's son" as if he had no connection to him.  There was the time he told a crowd of people "Melania wishes she could be here" when she was standing right next to him.  There was the time he didn't recognize his long time friend Rudy Giuliani even though he was sitting directly across the table from him. 

    I mean, if Joe Biden were running against Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz, or Jeb Bush, then the "he's senile" angle, while still not true, might have some bite.  But when the alternative is Donald Trump?  As Joe would say, come on man.

  • Daddio
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    1 month ago

    People who never know about it because the Dem Promotion Team(media) covers it up

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I hear ya rich. We need someone who calls his wife Melanie, thinks there were airports during the revolutionary war, asks "wheres Rudy" when hes sitting right across the table from him. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Donald Trump called his wife "Melanie", and Tim Cook "Tim Apple".

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