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Why read the Bible when stories from the ancient Greek religion are more entertaining - Go Zeus, go herc!?


Why read the fictional Bible when real truth is found in science?  The Greeks where far ahead is science!

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    Myths (including the bible - which plagiarizes heavily from older myths) should be read as just that - myths.

    'Real Truth' isn't found in science - and is not the goal of science. 

    Science does not make capital 'T' 'Truth' claims - it makes statements of probability based on evidence, observation, testing, and analysis.

    Science attempts to follow the evidence where it leads, whereas religion attempts to make the evidence fit a preexisting narrative.

    It is for this reason that science is such an effective tool for describing the real world - and why there has never been a scientific explanation for something to be replaced with a religious one that does a better job of explaining all of the evidence.

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    Read both

    Both are not fiction though 

    You should respect both

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    I know right?! 😂

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    Why read the fiction of Greek mythology, when the Bible gives us the truth of God?  God's truth is Revelation for us, and we should be devouring the truth and taking it into our souls, like it's the best thing for us. Too many people don't value the truth like they should, but the wise do.

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