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Does life get better or worse?

m 25 years old and I need my mental health is all time low I have a lot of problems such as...

Bad comphrehension skills when listening to people speak to me in details.

Bad communication skills cant pass job interviews.

Immense Anxiety in public places or anywhere outside house. Also when driving a car people throw peace signs at me rare times happen only few times though.

Gaming addiction/Screen addiction is number 1 for me since it has affected for half of my life. I play for 10-12 hours a day average past 3 years its been really addicting.

I can't think fast or normally like other people can. slow cant think fast always thinking thats why i cant speak afraid ill get bullied for saying something.

No social life/skills very introverted even before the coronavirus happens. Hate to say it but i need to be extroverted since my family wants me too. Should I get adderral? I rarely have any friends.

Need a pill that makes me smarter I have terrible gpa in high school and just not smart. Can't go to college or get a degree or even get a low entry level job.

PMOing for 3 years now but recently I've taken action and got longer streak days without pmo.

Going through midlifecrisis still acting like a teenager still.

Cant pass job interviews and always get the crappy jobs didnt work for past years. One job i kept for 7 months then quit at sears.

Still living with parents... and not actual parents (Grandparents)

I might have autism? Do i need to mri scan on the brain?help

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  • LAN
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    1 month ago

    Not if you are too lazy and stupid to put any effort into it.   Funny how snowflakes like you whine about how pathetic you are and how incapable of having any joy in your life while I have cancer and still manage to have a better life and outlook than you childish morons constantly whining about how pathetic you are.   Why exactly should anyone have a shred of sympathy for you if you are unwilling to put any effort at all into improving your own life?

  • 1 month ago

    Hey, friend. I don't know the answer to your question, but a qualified professional may be the best person to get advice from. I hope it gets better for you because it certainly got better for me.  Good luck! x

  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    A psychologist may be able to diagnose autism,  but their diagnoses are medically worthless as psychologists are not medical doctors. 

    To be tested for autism spectrum disorders, you must see a psychiatrist,  a medical doctor that specializes in psychiatric health. 

    Proper nutrition will make you the best that you can be,  but you definitely sound like you are on the spectrum and your screen addiction is likely exacerbated by your mental state and not the cause of your problem.   

    There recently started a push for employers to hire people who are autistic BECAUSE they often fail interviews due to their state of mind.   It's not easy (as you can attest) to live in a world where you can't ever seem to truly learn the language. 

    Your English is fine.  I am referring to the unspoken portion of human communication. 

    Don't just get a diagnosis; get the help that you need to become a contributing part of society.   Who cares about labels?  You need to do what you need to do in order for you to lead a healthy life. 

    Source(s): In this area of the USA, there are no child psychiatrists as pediatricians fill that niche. My wife is one.
  • 1 month ago

    There are many ways you could get help. The first one is have a medical checkup and get a SPECT scan done to check for how the blood flows through your arteries and veins in the brain. Next, see a nutritionist to make sure your diet is sound, and finally, book at appointment with psychologist to get tested for autism.

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