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Would she be tried of me?

I recently spoke to my friend about something I was very depressed about. She offered to listen and she was kind to listen to my story. I kept apologizing for too much information and I might be wasting her time but she said it's okay, she doesn't feel that I wasted her time and said that's what friends are for. I wanted to vent but I didn't want to drain my friend. I thanked her for listening, for the support, encouragement, and I told her that I appreciate her for being a great friend. After the talk, the next day, I told her I feel better and siad that if she needs to talk, I'll be there for her. She said that she understands my standpoint and not worry, told me she is glad I am feeling better. It could be draining to be listening to someone who is depressed over certain situations or under stress although I'm happy to offer ears. I'm going to try my best to stay positive and make sure not to tired out my friend. Is she glad that I spoke to her about what is troubling me? Could I've been tiring to her?

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    If you want to talk about yourself for several-plus hours every day, anyone will get tired of it. But, usually, friendship requires some listening, some talking, some understanding, some just plain old fun to shake off the problems of the day. 

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