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Why in South America, the number of people infected with covid-19 is decreasing, but the number of people infected in Europe is soaring?

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    We may not be getting the full story when it comes to places other than in the UK, USA and Europe.   And people are not being sensible in these places - why would they when America has a President who throws his mask away!!   And people in Europe and the UK don't observe the advice they are being given.

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    Why is all the focus on either Europe or the USA and UK when covid-19 spikes in those countries but little mention of Asian, African or South American nations who never seem to get the same attention apart from Brazil?

    Are wealthy western countries really worse at managing covid-19 than others?

    An increase in infections of covid-19 in Europe does not equate to an increase of people becoming seriously ill and dying but most of the mainstream media would have us believe that.

    Dying OF covid-19 is not the same as people dying WITH covid-19.

    Are the elderly and people with bad health issues really getting  sick and dying of covid-19 or is covid-19 simply another symptom of there existing health problems?

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    cause the people in south america got lucky

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