College transferring process?

I have completed 53 credits from previous private university (did not get a degree) and transferred to community college because the tuition was so expensive I couldn't afford. So right now I have completed 10 credits at community college (so 63 credits total) 

After 2 years of community college I am planning to transfer to other university (lets say Temple U). No matter which colleges I will apply to after community college, will they only look at community college credits? or both?

I have asked my advisors at community college and from temple. 

Just waiting for their reply. 

PLEASE. do not answer irrelevant/rude comments. 

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  • Expat
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    1 month ago
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    Both, but all credits may not transfer. To get a degree from any university you’ll need to complete whatever their minimum number of credits they require. I did like you, actually worse. I went to one university, then to a community college, then to a different university, then back to my first university and then to another university where I graduated. Yeah, I know it’s nuts, but they made me complete I think about 45 credits to graduate with them. Yes, I ended up with more than was necessary had I never transferred. Good luck! You’re not as bad as me, and truth is, 15 years after finishing my bachelors and all those transfers I went back to school, did a masters in one year and after that a PhD, so you can do it too! 

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    Most universities are not going to allow more than 60 credits to transfer in.

    You will need to submit both transcripts. 

    You would be wasting time and money continuing classes for transfer at the community college.

    The university you transfer in it will decide what classes and credits they will accept. 

    You need to be talking to the university  admissions office. Now, before you take any more classes.  Only they can tell you what you need to do. What they will or will not accept. 

  • John
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    1 month ago

    The new college would look at all college work attempted.  Consequently, you would need to provide transcripts from both the private university and the CC when you apply to Temple.  On a different note, if you have 63 college credits now, you do not have to go to CC for 2 more years before transferring.  

  • 1 month ago

    i would talk to your college about it

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