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Why is my childhood friend toxic now?

Okay so, my older brother who was 19 at the time got a girlfriend who was about 27 I think, she had 3 kids, 2 girls one boy n the oldest girl was 14, I think I was like 12? (birthday was 5 weeks ago when it happened) when I met her she acted like she had a crush on me, she would blush when I came around, invite me places n talk to me almost everyday for 2 years, one time we were having a sleepover n we got rly close 2 doing oral n I changed my mind at the last minute, but tht let me know she was seriously into girls and that’s all I needed to confirm the crush? fast forward 2 years, like I stated before shes 15 turning 16 in a few days and she added me on Facebook, only to screenshot all of my convo with my friends that had cuss words etc n send it to my brother n mom? n then she does it w her friend n they basically bully me for 5 days straight, n it’s like GIRL? we haven’t talked in 2 years n u add me n try 2 get me in trouble n talk **** about me? does anyone know why she converted to a crush to a hateful person towards me?? n she’s not mean to other people either, she’s friends with one of my friends n she’s the nicest person ever towards them, only me bruh and it’s frustrating, when I come around to my brothers girlfriends house she basically hides in the house until I leave-

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    you need to ask her this question

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