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Do you think it was right? for France to be so harsh on Germany? Why or why not?

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    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  Under the circumstances, in context, punishing Germany was seen as the right thing to do.

    There was disagreement however, between Britain, America and France as to how much.  Britain wanted its reparations paid.  Crippling Germany was seen as counter productive. France on the other hand wanted security and huge reparations to keep  Germany weak so they couldn’t wage war again. A huge amount of damage was caused by Germany in France and Belgium.  With this in mind one can understand how much resentment there was towards Germany. They were widely regarded as having caused the war in the first place.

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    It wasn't so much as right as that's the way they thought at the time. In 1872 Germany levied 5 billion francs (roughly 1 billion dollars) in reparations on France after Germany beat the crap out of them in Franco-Prussian war. Germany also took the Alsace Lorraine which hurt France to the core. In 1918 as far France was concerned Germany struck the first blow, occupied large portions of France for four year and devastated the countryside. If anything the French wanted funds to rebuild the devastated areas. Besides what to do you think Germany would have done to the French if they had won? Over 2 million Germans had been killed in the war. Do you think the Germans would have let the French walk away with a simple rap on the knuckles.

    Source(s): G.J. Meyers "A World Undone, the Story of the Great War" John Merriman " History of Modern Europe - From the Renaissance to the Present"
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    When?  France exploited Germany or the German states many times for more than 500 years.  You need to be specific.

    "Ditsy ..." seems not to know that France annexed Alsace from the German states in 1639 during the Thirty Years War, & Lorraine (Lothringen) in 1766.  In 1871, Germany was taking its territory back.

    As to the "T.D.'s", I see we have some spectacularly vacant imbeciles here who know S.F.A. about history.     

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