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Why does my bf always take my socks off?

My boyfriend always takes my socks off before sex or teasingly at random times even though I like to keep them on because I get cold. He says it's better that way when I ask why and recently I've noticed he's taken my socks off in my sleep and I wake up. I asked him if he has a thing for feet and he says he doesn't. What is this?

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    He probably doesn't like looking at your legs with socks on.  I can't stand it when my guy wears socks during sex, either -- but i just leave them on him... 

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    If you walk around in your socks, maybe he likes a clean bed? Of it creeps him out when his foot touches your socks instead of your skin? Gee, I guess you could ask him! 

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    I think he has reasons but he is too afraid to tell you at this time because he feels he is going to be made fun of. Maybe once he trusts you more he may open up and you'll find out the reason.

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    maybe you should ask him this question

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