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Stressed with husband about dog.?

My sister got a dog and decided she no longer wanted him 6 months later. She was going to re-home him and my husband insisted we take him. I had let my husband know I did not want a dog, due to another dog I had for many years passing away 3 years ago due to illness/old age and the responsibility especially since we work full time. I was not ready for another dog, but my husband insisted it would be good for us and he'd be fully responsible for the dog ( Walks, care, food etc.) But it's been a year I've become frustrated because my husband never takes him out or cleans his poop or does anything for him even when I ask or remind him. I'm basically the one who does it and has to buy food and hygiene products and brush the dog's hair since he is a maltese/poodle he gets easily matted if not brushed almost daily. I don't mind doing these things, but I've become frustrated because I currently work late and he gets out early and he never brushes or walks the dog even though he is home. I also know he does not take him for walks since the puppy pads are out and fully soaked with urine and poop, when I get home. My dog ended up getting a urinary tract infection due to the puppy pads not being changed and him holding it in when im at work and can't walk him. Basically I am at my wit's end and I'm pissed off. I've communicated and asked and it seems like if falls on deaf ears and I honestly just need advise, on how to approach the conversation without staring a big argument. 


We also don't have kids, and the uti got taken care of in case you are wondering.  

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    Do you wash his clothes, cook him meals, clean the house and more? Then stop and let him know that you can't do everything and he needs to help or suffer. Don't let the dog suffer it can't help it. As for the urinary infections I have never heard of the pads causing it. I would set an appointment for the dog and serve your husband beans for dinner.

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    Don’t have kids with him because it’ll probably be the same way 

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    Using the pee pad is the cause of it all.  Using pee pads gives the dog permission to pee/poop any where in the house it wants to.  Dog should have been trained to go potty outside.  Pee pads are a big mistake that lots of people regret using.

    The argument is necessary to come to a decision about the dog.  Put your foot down & tell him that you refuse to care for this dog cause you don't want it.  It is kinda cold hearted on your part but if you are at your wit's end then you have to do something or you will go crazy.  He accepted the arrangements about him having full responsibility & now he is flaking out on his commitment he promised.  Just insist that he take more responsibility & do more for the dog HE wanted.

    After three yrs of missing a dog you used to have, you should be ready for another dog in your life.  I used to rescue large & extra large dogs & when one died that meant I could get another dog to give it it's last forever home.  I kept 5 all the times until I got too old to handle big dogs & now I just have one.  But I am going to adopt another dog so this one will have a partner.  I always get two of what ever animal I have.

    Can you say you are attached at all to this dog? or just simply want it gone?  I think you should just pile this in your husbands lap & let him deal with the dog.

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    This is unfair on the dog and I suggest you `man up` to your husband and tell him that you will take the poor dog to the rescue kennels unless he pulls his weight.

    Leaving a dog all day alone when you are both at work is not kind at all and no wonder it soils indoors. 

    The dog would be better off re-homed.

    However......maybe you could suggest you both hire a dog walker to take the dog out for a  good walk daily while you are at work?

    OR....put the dog in dog day care while you work, if you really don`t want to re-home him.

    You must both be financially able to do this if you both work and have no dependents. 


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  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    Get another dog. 

  • 1 month ago

    make a deal with him that he has to walk the dog everyday. Walking dogs is good exercise for the person. Don't be a weakling not telling him. He has it easy and knows it.

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     Then i suggest that you take it up with your marriage councilor. Or just your councilor

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    As heartbreaking as it might be, you give your husband a month to change or you rehome the dog, like Sweetness said. Record the conversation on your phone if you need to. It’s not fair that you have to do everything when he wanted the dog. A month, then the dog is gone, whether he’s present for it or not.

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    Tell your husband that either he upholds his end of the bargain or you are going to rehome the dog yourself. Stick to your guns. If he can't do what he said he was going to do then the dog should not be there. 

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    maybe you should move out and let him take care of the dog

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