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If nobody wants to date me at 16 does that mean that I will be 26 and not married ?

You need to be married before the age of 30. I am 16 and my sister is 22 and just by to married in the summer of 2019 and they are expecting their first child in January. She is a 2nd grade teacher and he is a mechanical engineer and is 25. 


I haven’t even had my first kiss 

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    Not to worry, honey, there is no law requiring you to be married by a certain age, any age.  Its perfectly normal to be sixteen and not in the dating game, and in fact, many would agree that you are too young still.  Whatever your sister has done, will do , isn't what you will have to try and imitate.  You are your own person.  So stop worrying ! Go to school, observe the social distancing and mask wearing and hand washing, volunteer, spend time with your family, avoid crowds or hanging with people you don't know well enough to determine whether they are "safe" , reasonably, from conveying Covid.  Follow your interests, develop hobbies, you'll be just fine, I hope! Good luck,

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    i dont think so

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    Hmmm....nope. Man people who marry earlier than their late 20s end up divorced or in not ideal marriages because people change in their 20s and are not mature enough to pick a good lifelong partner. Also, people who marry young often later feel like they "missed out."

    The divorce rates are lower for people who marry in their 30s.

    Myself and my mother married at age 30, three of my aunts married around age 35 and several cousins in their late 30s. I also have a bunch of friends who married in their 30s. All have kids and got what they wanted. 

    I didnt meet my spouse until I was pushing 28.

    26 I think is too young know the average person's brain does not fully mature neurologically until age 26?

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    Are you kidding me? Hey if that’s your goal to be married by 30 then that’s great but it’s not a requirement. Also, 16 is 16 and 26 is 26. 

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    Yes, that's exactly what that means.

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    No, it doesn't mean that at all. 

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