What do you think of the Irish tenor banjo? ?

During lockdown I moved to my cousins place in the Midlands of Ireland in a remote county called Laois. I was sitting outside and I heard this beautiful sound, I called my uncle and he said it was his neighbour playing the banjo. I have heard the banjo before but not like this, so curiousity got the better of me and I ventured accross the fields when I next heard it. At first he was a bit startled but was very welcoming he invited me into his garage and apologised for not inviting me into his house because of covid-19.I was amazed he is only 24 years of age and was very proud of the comments I made on what I heard. He told me of the Irish tenor banjo which I could see was different and sounded lovely, he then brought out a mandolin which his grandfather played and told me stories of Irish and Scottish music and the English have beautiful folk songs too. He told me the name of the tune was "to banish misfortune", then he played "boolavogue" and sang some songs it was beautiful. He then went and got hand sanitizer and showed me the chords and told me it's not difficult and he doesn't mind showing me how to play while I am here but couldn't invite me into his house because of the virus (the Irish are quiet nervous about the virus). I'm considering taking him up on his offer and have done some research on "Irish tenor banjos" and was wondering if it was difficult to learn or should I learn it? What do you think of it, would I learn to play in 2 months? 

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    Hadn't thought of it being unusual, but it's more how the strings are tuned (GDAE), which is much the way the Irish (and Scots) tune their fiddles as well. Standard tuning is more like "CGBD" for a four-string.

    But a banjo is a banjo -- it's the stiff frame and membrane that makes it work. The banjo I had was 19 frets, compared to the standard 22 frets, but a friend has a 17 fret one. However, I think it's the tuning that makes it Irish...

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    people are so paranoid about covid

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