what to dress up for as Halloween?

hey guys so i am all about going all out for Halloween, with crazy cool full face makeup, to a cool costume that will make a statement . I have a few clothing items that could be used for a costume, such as a black lace bodysuit, a black skirt etc.. just want to go all out for my makeup , like full face similiar to the photo added . I'm at a loss and have till this thursday to get somthing together. I have all colors of the rainbow for makeup, but like IDK what to do! HELP!! i prefer it to be something sexyish... not too much but still epic. feel free to help by adding photos. thanks guyss

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Well with a black jumpsuit your could do the obvious which is a cat, or you could do a deer or bear or something, which are all

    Pretty common Halloween costumes. If I were you I would just go on Pinterest and find makeup ideas for the costume you want! They have tons of great pictures. 

      If you want to be something sexy you could always be like a nun or a nurse, police officer something along those lines and if you’re going as a couple with someone else you could do like ken and Barbie. 

     Back in my sorority days I Was I feel like every costume under the sun at one point. Now my husband says “my lingerie costumes are over and that we need to go to Halloween parties as something funny” 🙄

     This year me and him are going as “a deer in headlights” haha he’s going to be a deer & my **** are going to be the headlights. So I guess it’s kind of funny and sexy at the same time but Urgg I miss college days when I could dress super sexy, so DO it up girl! 

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