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How to Sagittarius woman act when not interested? ?

This Sagittarius girl told me we could watch some shows together, I tried making plans with her but she said she was busy I told her to text me when she’s free she said she will. Still have not gotten a text. It’s been 5 days is this a sign shes not interested or should I try again or leave her alone. Please help 


We wouldn’t be going to the movies it would be to watch it at home 

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    Sagittarius is easy to find.  It is your Sun sign, and every year, Sun always appears to be moviong through the SIGN (NOT the constellation) of Sagittarius between late November and late December.

    But Sun is only one of 10 "planets" in astrology, and the other planets require the  year of birth, the place of birth, and the EXACT precise moment (hour and exact minute) of birth.

    All Sun indicates is how she relates to herself. It gives no indication of how she might act when interested or not interested..

    Do up her natal chart, based on date/time/place of birth.

    Look at:

    - Venus.  It's Sign, House, and the aspects it makes with other planets.

    - Moon ... sign, houe, aspects

    - Ascendant:  ruling planet (which planet it is, its Sign, House and aspects) and any planets located in the First House at the time of birth (those planets, their Sign, their aspects).

    - Also their 5th House (same guidelines as for the Ascendant).

    This will give you an ovverall view of the maby personality factors that influence how she behaves when she is or is not interested.

    Of course, all her chart indicates is how she starts out in life ... not how she grows or changes.  If life damages her self-esteem, she may be shy and appear to be not interested even when she is.

    Women are much harder to read than men are. The only way to know if a woman is interested in you is to ask her out on a date .. not a "hang-out" which could be misinterpreted as just being friends. 

    But you shouldn't be dating during this pandemic. You may end up being the cause for someone you care about dying, or becoming permanently ill (not everyone recovers from covid).

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    She seem confused or may be hesitant in the pandemic times to catch a movie.

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