my voice has been hoarse for four months... i dont smoke... but i am a singer...?

for months my voice has been hoarse when i sing a certain higher range of notes. four months. ik yall are not doctors or anything...but why do yall think it has been like this for so long?

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    4 weeks ago
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    You most probably do not sing properly. You should probably take voice lessons. If it lasted four months and (I'm assuming you tried resting your voice and drinking tea) you are still hoarse it means you're not speaking properly either. (Teachers sometimes have that problem) -(they take voice lessons to speak properly it's a true thing I'm not making it up!) 

    You mentioned that you became hoarse from singing higher must have stretched your vocal chords too much resulting in strain which is what made you hoarse 

    I would rest my voice (don't whisper just speak low whispering just adds strain)

    As a professional voice coach I advise you to do 3 things

    1)  rest your voice as much as possible

    2)  drink lots of hot fluids

    3)   do breathing exercises 

    (Only do #3 if u have a vocal coach/teacher/mentor otherwise you might be doing it wrong further damaging your vocal nodes)

    Three more things:

    If you get better after 2 weeks of following these instructions, continue to take voice lessons, and don't go on high ranges that are too much of a stretch for you (no pun intended) and makes you feel uncomfortable!

    If after 2 weeks of following my instructions perfectly your condition worsens, only THEN would I consider consulting a doctor!

    If your condition only improves SLIGHTLY then continue the procedure for another 2 weeks if it's not halfway gone by then, it means you're trying to sing higher than your vocal chords allow, and continuing to do so may result in permanent damage!

    Good luck, and feel better!! I really hope you get your voice back soon!

    (I hope my instructions will help you!!)

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