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Is it difficult to do visa process in attempt to come to USA from Europe or elsewhere while studying in college for a year ?

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    Foreign student? You must prove you are returning to school - on your still-valid student visa! - or returning to your country of citizenship. You will need your return tickets to one or the other, in addition to proving sufficient funds for all typical tourist expenses for the duration of your vacation. A lot of foreign students are on very tight budgets & obviously have problems proving they can afford a very costly vacation on top of all their school + living expenses as a foreign student. More have trouble proving it's purely a holiday & are returning to school on a still-valid visa, or are returning home to their own country. Tourists are strictly prohibited from working, looking for work, doing anything which indicates any attempt to remain. And when a student is so close to loads of vacation opportunities within UK and nearby countries, it often sounds like a "vacation" in US is foolish or a fraud.

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    With half the government on some kind of furlough or work from home scenario these offices have skeleton crews at the moment. So yes, I would assume it's difficult to get any sort of bureaucratic work done right now. 

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    In Europe, you'd be attending university, not college. 

    Each country has their own visa requirements and application systems for those looking to apply for a student visa; take a look in whichever country you want to study in. 

    For perhaps obvious reasons; there are delays in processing visas at the moment. In addition, many universities are teaching remotely anyway, so there's little point being in-country if your lessons are going to be online. 

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