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Other than “narcissist psychopath”, aren’t their more definitive mental health diagnoses which more aptly apply to lack of empathy and anger?

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    Borderline disorder. Unless they are comorbid with another disorder like the ones you mentioned, they are likely just expressing strong, unstable emotions that’ll give off those vibes. I’ve been called it all, psychopath, narcissist, it’s why we tend to get to easily angry, sad or paranoid as it’s a notoriously misunderstood disorder. 

    I could be very selfless and compassionate to where I’d be routinely took for a fool. Devoting myself to my loved ones, helping homeless, helping f*cked people get home safely and people telling me I’m an amazing person. Then if you triggered me, such as interfering in my love life, lying about me or hurting someone I cared for, I’ve been arrested and beat up for my actions. I come off as what you said as I used to have no control when I was in a rage. 

    Its treatable with a majority of patients no longer even meeting the symptom criteria. Psychopathy and narcissism are very overused terms but those disorders are categorised by lack of empathy, something borderlines don’t commonly lack as emotional instability is characterised with mood swings and environmental stressors. Not having the ability to control your anger or otherwise destructive emotions is hardly the same as not caring at all about anyone, ever. Narcissists and psychopaths tend to hurt others unless there’s a reason otherwise. Borderlines will if they think they’re in danger. But like I always encourage with other people with the symptoms...neglect it and it will get worse and likely turn into another mental illness on top of that. 

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