Why would Trump hire a radiologist to advise on a Pandemic?

This idiot is trying to promote "herd immunity". Is It possible to achieve herd immunity without a vaccine?

With no vaccine, there is only one possible way to achieve herd immunity – mass infection. While many could recover from the disease, allowing the virus to spread freely will come at the cost of many, many lives and even more unintended consequences. This doctor knows nothing about epidemiology. He reads x-rays!


His name is Dr. Scot Atlas

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  • y
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    1 month ago

    Have no idea what doc you are talking about. Trump continues to say reopen, but do it as safe as you can.  That has been the consistent crap from his mouth from the summer on. You can't shut everything down but you can't just throw all the doors wide open either. Some how the talking points have been the left want to shut everything down, the right wants to open everything up. Both sides talk about balancing it, the right leans to more being open then the left, but ultimately. For all the BS talk, both sides are pretty much for the same thing, balance.

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