What to do if you paid an artist for art but she lacks communication?

Okay so context. I hired an artist a month ago to make me a cover for my story. I worked with her in the past and she did take awhile to give it too me (A month and a half) but I wasn't in a rush and she told me if I want updates next time to send it to her email and not Dm's on instagram. I said okay and then proceed to buy another piece from her expecting the communication to be better this time. 

So I tell her how I want the cover made in great detail. She starts making the guy by reference. It annoys me but I let it slide because the guy wasn't bad looking but the sketch of the woman is clearly not of the race I want it as--I specifically said black woman and I gave her a reference. I tell her if she could change it. She says okay.

No lie. I hear nothing from this woman for two weeks. I message her on email and no reply so I wait a few days later and message her again. She tells me she's done with the art and she'll send it today. (I'm annoyed because she didn't show me the sketch of the female but I let it slide) because finished art.

So I wait all day...nothing. I message her two days later. Still, nothing.

I want to refute the charges on paypal but my fear is that this might not be grounds for getting my money back. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Paypal sets its own rules for what charges can be disputed.

    Did you save all your correspondence, in all forms, with the artist? Can you prove to Paypal that you requested a cover with these details and she failed to deliver, and when she gave you an image with the wrong detail and you asked for change, she ghosted you? Was there a deadline for delivery?

    This may be a hard lesson, that you never pay in full up front. Reread the conditions at Paypal and see if you have a case. It seems like you might, since the artist has not delivered a finished product, period, much less one that meets the stated requirements.

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