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Could somebody press charges if their own pet was fed to that person’s pet or another animal?

I recently got a precious baby corn snake. He is the most gentle, harmless, & fragile lil thing. He has never once even come close to an attempt to bite me or anybody & even if he did I imagine it wouldn’t hurt at all since he’s got such teeny teeth & he weighs less than a penny. My sister has been causing a conflict over it because she’s scared of snakes, even though she was moving out for good just around the same time. The thing is she’s coming back for the holidays & I don’t know how far she’d be willing to go if she feels stubborn again... she has this big German Shepard/bull terrier mix dog & I'm afraid that she’d consider threatening or even attempting to feed my baby to her dog! She has overreacted so much since the snake is literally locked securely away in its cage in my room all day & even if he got out he would hide from everyone... & if he did come into contact with one of the other pets he wouldn’t stand a chance, they could kill him in an instant. Would it be considered some form of animal cruelty or even just a violation against someone’s property, idk??, if that person attempted to feed your pet to an animal against your permission & having it murdered (eaten alive) as a result??? I’m also curious because I saw a horror movie in which a babysitter ganged up with the siblings against the youngest daughter, took her pet hamster & fed it alive to one of the brother’s pet snake as they held her back & took pleasure in it... and I find that equally f***ed up!!


Ok well the point of my question isn’t whether or not she’d do it, it’s if that’d be legally permissible. I feel doing that to anybody would be awful & I’m sure it’s happened before but I can’t find ANYTHING acknowledging the scenario! The closest I got in research was if it’s legally ok to feed another person’s pet (regular) food against their permission. I was only explaining my situation so you could understand the full context but please don’t make this about the likelihood of her doing it.

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  • john
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    4 weeks ago

    Thank you for the interesting question--and I'm sorry that your sister is so afraid of snakes.  She needs to accept that your snake is secured in its container while she's home and stop complaining to you about it.

    Legally?  You might be able to pursue it legally.  I just don't know for sure.  I know that if a dog gets off your property, in some places in the US you can get fined for breaking the leash law.  If your dog kills another person's pet because your dog got off your property then you can be charged with 'harboring a dangerous dog' and fined for that. But the court will only award the owner of the killed dog what the dog is worth on the open market (which usually isn't much--usually only what the dog would sell for on Craig's list).  I know because it happened to a neighbor of mine.

    If your sister's dog eats your snake you might be able to sue her and get reimbursed for the market value of the snake, which probably wouldn't be very much.  But since your sister's dog is LEGALLY in your house?  I don't know the answer.

    But a simple SUGGESTION, just as a way of avoiding the problem--do you have a friend or neighbor who would be willing to take care of your snake in their home while your sister is home visiting?  That might be the easiest way to avoid problems with your sister, and she might feel grateful towards you for your thoughtfulness.

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    Shed have to actually PICK UP the snake in order to feed it to her dog...   Think of the logic behind that.   Ig shes afraid of the snake, she isnt going to go anywhere near it.    Just reassure her that he is securely LOCKED in his enclosure

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    Ok, you are WAY overthinking this and really jumping to conclusions. Has she ever said that she would actually feed the poor thing to her dog, or threatened it in anyway? She would have to physically get it out of the tank to do anything, right? If she's that scared, she's not touching it. Keep your door closed and put an actual lock on your snake's tank if you feel so inclined and keep the key on you at all times, if you want. But you have to use some logic here: in order for her to do anything, she has to touch it. If she's that scared, she's not going to do it.

    And no matter the dog or cat, etc., many of them are more scared of snakes and wouldn't even go near them. I have 2 cats and a dog and each of them are terrified of my 3 snakes. 

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