Are probation officers obligated to turn in someone with a warrant that's not on their supervision?

A friend of mine is actually on federal supervision. He's letting me stay at his apartment and we'll become roommates once he gets out of the halfway house. He's in there for a minor f**k up during his probation. I got a state felony warrant. He doesn't know this and I hate to tell him because he might just kick me out then. If we become roommates, and his p-o comes sniffing around, if he/she finds out about my warrant, is he/she obligated to turn me in or call the local authorities on me?? If that's the case, I mind as well find a different place to stay. 

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    1 month ago
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    Yes.  Probation Officers are mandatory reporters.  The person violating does NOT need to be their "client."

    If you are located your friend could be arrested for "harboring you," same as any other crime.

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    His probation officer is a sworn officer of the courts, he is legally mandated to report you to the police if he were to find out there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, there's no way around that. 

    This warrant isn't going away, and even if the probation officer doesn't find out, its only a matter of time before you are found out! Why not do the mature thing here, turn yourself in, and deal with this head on, this way its not looking over your shoulder the rest of your life.

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    An OFFICER OF THE COURT doesn't turn you in. The EXECUTE the warrant, aka arrest you on the warrant.

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    Your friend is not allowed to associate with a felon when he is released. You'll get him in trouble with his po.  Do him a favor and find another place to stay by the time he gets out.

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  • 1 month ago

    As roommates will you be paying half the rent?  What will happen to him when the feds serve the warrant on you and take you to jail?

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