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Is it wrong for a husband to be concerned about who another woman has on her social media? ?

I was walking with my husband one day when he randomly said there's a "pretty older White lady" on her facebook (FB) page but "has too many hoes" (males) on her page. 

I noticed this woman comments a lot on his page and he likes her pictures. (I don't follow my husband on FB but that comment, made me want to look further into this). 

I got upset because I didn't understand why he randomly felt the need to tell me this woman was pretty and I was upset because I don't understand why he cares that she has so many males on her page. He says im overreacting by even getting upset but am I wrong? My husband in the past has gotten upset at me liking other males pictures but he has always done it, he told me he only likes pictures of females he knows but he told me he doesn't even know her. Hes away on work and she's in the same city hes in right now. 

I would never even tell my husband randomly another male is cute, I feel that should be brought up within a certain context.

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    There are so many things wrong with this post I don’t even know where to begin honestly. Number one Congrats on your husband being a racist piece of sh*t! The fact that he’s mentioning her race as if it even matters.. shows just the type of person he is. 

    Number two... why the heck are you married to a man who refers to anybody as “hoes”.. like I truly couldn’t imagine marrying a man who speaks like that about or towards anybody. Did his mother Never teach him manners? How to refer to someone as “sir and ma’am”? Must be listening to too much of that rap music. 

      Probably why down here in Louisiana we hold the beliefs we do. 🙄

      Number three honey your not married to a MAN you’re married to a boy. If you’re worried about him doing sketchy things on FACEBOOK? I mean seriously? Does this man work? Cause it certainly doesn’t sound like he’s a blue collared man that’s for sure. 

    I remember back in 5th grade when I would worry about what my middle school boyfriend was doing on Facebook.... if you’re married and STILL in this phase of life, you really need to think long and hard about your life and marriage because clearly if your man is being shady on Facebook he’s a child. 

     Bless your heart. 

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