Possible issue with Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller.?

My pro controller for Nintendo Switch although is fairly okay has been acting a bit odd lately.  

Not in a REALLY big way but to the point where I’m wondering if I should or not be worried that someway somehow it’s wearing down/out.

The issue is that when I press one of the buttons usually the “A” button it sometimes for a few seconds or so holds it in place while the letter button below it does work it looks like it’s tapped so far into the controller itself that although IT works fairly well it doesn’t look like it used to when I first bought it.

Should I be worried about replacing this Pro-Controller sometime down the road or no?


It’s probably nothing but I was just wondering as my Pro-Controller was not always like this.  

Update 2:

I also need help with this question/post.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago
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    If your buttons feel like they're sticking when pressed down, all you need to do is get Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. 

    Dip a Q-tip in a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol, and trace around the sticking button several times... trying to work a bit of it into the button cutout. Press the button down several times as you're doing this. Repeat until you no longer have this problem.

    This fixes my own button issues 95% of the time.

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