Problem with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons need advice on what to do because of it please help.?

I have been having a heap full of issues with my Nintendo Joy-Cons lately and I need advice on either how to fix it myself or how to go about sending them to someone that can fix them for a reasonable price.

The issue is a few things really and I will describe how they have been malfunctioning while playing Pokémon Shield sense I play that more than anything on the Switch especially now.

Whenever I’m sending my main character to walk somewhere and I stop moving the part of the Joy-Con that controls movement sometimes my in game character will suddenly either slowly or kinda slow but not fast just keep going in the previous direction I made him go in before I stopped character movement.  Like when I’m shiny hunting by encounters & I wanna stand and wait for the next Pokémon to respawn it suddenly sometimes starts to sneak off in other directions.

In addition especially now sometimes when I am in the menu where I can select items from my character backpack, selecting a different Pokémon to switch into battle, or any function that requires the “up, down, left, or right” button function it starts randomly scrolling down and if I try to force it back up to the top of any given menu like this as such most of the time these days it automatically against my wishes scrolls back down to the bottom of any kind of such said menu.  Same thing if one of my Pokémon faints and it asks whether or not I want to switch Pokémon (which is normally the case) 


and I try to select the option to switch Pokémon it will force me to go to the run away from said Pokémon option as for whatever reason like I said it sometimes against my will is using the down arrow key button function when I clearly don’t want to trigger that option.  Plus it was before only malfunction a little like only occasionally making my character sneak when I don’t want him to do that but I feel these Joy-Cons are getting worse and worse by the day.

Update 2:

I know there are videos on YouTube on the subject of how to do this but I don’t have the tools to take them apart plus I’m afraid even if I did they I would somehow mess them up as I’m not really tech savvy in that regard.


Do I try to fix them myself?

Replace them entirely?


Send them to someone that can fix them?

If your answer is to send them to someone that can fix them please tell me who that is, how I do that (if necessary), and if it’s not a free service then a price estimate

Update 3:

on how much it would take to fix them would be great.

Also I don’t have too much money until payday later this week so if your answer is that I need to replace them then what’s the current cheapest option as I’m working with what little funds I can right now best I can more than anything really.

Update 4:

Also I should mention on these Joy-Cons the right one is working fine and that it’s mainly the left Joy-Con that is the one that’s messed up.  But that’s still a bummer as I heavily rely on that Joy-Con the most.

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