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Would it be worth it to pursue a career in the arts after this year?

My whole life I have spent training to be a dancer. I have scheduled all of my school classes around my dance schedule, I have prioritized my dancing over my schooling, and my family has poured so much money into my training for years. After seeing everything close and most dance companies pushing their seasons back until AT LEAST fall of 2021 (I've even seen some say 2022), is it even worth it to try to make it as a dancer? I knew it would be difficult to make it as a dancer (especially a ballet dancer) before, but is it even possible now? I need some realistic advice on what to do since most people I speak to just give me the same "follow your dreams" speech, but I want to know realistically if I should start to pick a different career path while I still can. I'm a junior and I am being pushed to start school applications and most people are pushing me to apply to dance colleges or start auditioning for companies, but is that really a good move to make? 

My other thought was going to school to become a dance instructor/ choreographer, but if the arts are in such a big decline would there even be opportunities to teach by the time I was out of school with the way things are going now? If there are not performances the demand for teachers and choreography has to be almost non-existent. 

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    The arts will come back. They have to. But not likely in full until 2021/2022. It is very hard with no performances, but some companies are being creative. They are living in a self imposed bubble away from family and friends alongside of other dance company members. They are doing video performances and even drive in outdoor events. I can’t decide for you what course to take. This is very unfair to dancers. It’s hard to keep your technique up and sharp when you can’t attend your daily classes. My daughter is struggling as she is a professional dancer and choreographer. Her work has almost evaporated. She has had some video choreography commissions for work  but not much else. But I will tell you things are being booked and planned for the future. In the dance industry presenters plan their seasons a year or even two in advance. If they have to be cancelled or changed I cannot say. It will not stay like this for ever. The arts will always find a way.  If you decide to go to a dance college and not pursue ballet but concert contemporary dance, by the time you graduate things will be close to normal again. Ballet is harder only because careers start right out of high school as you already must know. 

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